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Women of Cosplay - New York Comic Con 2014

Women of Cosplay - New York Comic Con 2014
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    Over 150 of the most creative, beautiful and hottest cosplays by the women of New York Comic Con 2014! Full list and photo gallery links below!How many can you name without looking in the corner? Do you know some of the on...
    Over 150 of the most creative, beautiful and hottest cosplays by the
    women of New York Comic Con 2014! Full list and photo gallery links
    below!How many can you name without looking in the corner? Do you
    know some of the ones I missed? Did you meet me at NYCC? Let me know
    in the comments!Comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE!!! ☛
    http// ☛
    http// ☛
    http// ☛
    http//www.shyaporn.comNYCC Cosplay Photo Galleries
    http// OF CHARACTERS AND SOURCES1. Supergirl -
    DC2. Sonic the Hedgehog - Sega, Nintendo3. Rogue - X-Men, Marvel4.
    Mad Moxxi - Borderlands, Gearbox Software5. Rogue - X-Men, Marvel6.
    Sailor Neptune - Sailor Moon7. Faye Valentine - Cowboy Bebop8. Mulan
    - Disney9. Bodie Troll amp; Cholly - Bodie Troll10. Anna and Elsa -
    Frozen11. Princess Mononoke - Princess Mononoke12. Sailor Venus -
    Sailor Moon13. Princess Peach - Mario Bros.14. Annie amp; Tibbers -
    League of Legends15. Brave Frontier - Brave Frontier16. Princess
    Peach - Mario Bros.17. Psylocke - X-Men, Marvel18. Harley Quinn amp;
    Poison Ivy - DC19. Tiefling (?) - Dungeons and Dragons20. Storm -
    X-Men, Marvel21. Black Widow - Marvel22. I-No and Ms. Marvel -
    Guilty Gear23. Ariel amp; Ursula (plus Flotsam amp; Jetsam) - The
    Little Mermaid, Disney24. Yaya Han as Heartseeker - League of
    Legends25. Blake Belladonna - RWBY26. Thor - Marvel27. Harley Quinn
    - DC28. Princess Peach/Mario Kart - Mario Bros29. Riki
    LeCotey/Riddle as Assassins Creed30. Annabelle31. Sailor Uranus -
    Sailor Moon32. Maka Albarn - Soul Eater33. Sailor Chibi Moon -
    Sailor Moon34. Hammer Thrower - 1984 Apple Commercial35. Harley
    Quinn - DC36. Lady Rainicorn - Adventure Time37. Dalek Dress -
    Doctor Who38. Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titan39. Sally Finklestein
    Skellington - Nightmare Before Christmas40. Deadpool - Marvel41.
    Mary Jane Watson Spider-Woman - Marvel42. Harley Quinn - DC43. Loki
    - Marvel44. Drs. Girlfriend - Venture Bros.45. Hawkeye - Avengers,
    Marvel46. ?47. Kiki - Kikis Delivery Service48. Dark Phoenix -
    X-Men, Marvel49. Dark Phoenix and Phoenix - X-Men, Marvel50. Thor -
    Marvel51. ?52. Silent Hill Nurse - Silent Hill53. Shredder - Teenage
    Mutant Ninja Turtles54. Wonder Woman - DC55. Chun Li -
    Streetfighter56. Vash the Stampede amp; Nicholas D. Wolfwood -
    Trigun57. Jubilee - X-Men, Marvel58. Chastity - Indie Comics59.
    Rachel Summers Phoenix - X-Men, Marvel60. Navi - Legend of Zelda61.
    Mystique - X-Men, Marvel62. Yoko Littner - Gurren Lagann63. LeeAnna
    Vamp 64. Catwoman amp; Harley Quinn - DC65. Tinkerbell - Disney66.
    Captain America amp; Howling Commandos - Marvel67. Lady Death -
    Eternity Comics68. Poison Ivy - DC69. Artemis - Young Justice, DC70.
    Dazzler - Marvel71. Poison Ivy - DC72. Junko Enoshima - Dangan
    Ronpa73. Wonder Woman - DC74. Ireland Reid as Pikachu - Pokemon75.
    Ensign Ro - Star Trek TNG76. Jacklyn Black as Femme!Spock - Star
    Trek77. Hannibal Stag - Hannibal78. Kaylee Frye - Firefly79. Wonder
    Woman amp; Batgirl - DC80. Elektra - Marvel81. Xena?82. ?83.
    Star-Lord - Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel84. Scarlet Witch amp;
    Maleficent - Marvel and Disney85. Deadpool - Marvel86. Catwoman amp;
    Black Cat - DC87. Wonder Woman amp; Silk Spectre - DC88. Red Riding
    Hood89. Ciel Phantomhives amp; Sebastian Michaellis - Black
    Butler90. Yang Xiao Long - RWBY91. ?92. Lilah - Jonah Hex93. Minnie
    Mouse - Disney94. Paratrooper - Legs Avenue 95. Wonder Woman - DC96.
    Jade - Mortal Combat97. Alice Baskerville - Pandora Hearts98.
    Captain Marvel - Marvel99. Princess Leia - Star Wars100. Destiny -
    Indie101. Snow White - Disney102. Batman and Robin - DC103.
    Aquawoman - Earth-11, DC104. Madame Hydra - Marvel105. Zatanna -
    DC106. Baroness - GI Joe107. Power Girl - DC108. Vera Baby as Mary
    Jane Watson - Marvel109. ?110. Maleficent - Disney111. ?112. Lady
    Death - 113. Death - Sandman114. Harley Quinn - DC115. Guardians of
    the Galaxy - Marvel116. Dr. Harleen Quinzel - DC117. Wonder Woman -
    DC118. Maya Dinerstein as Kaylee Frye - Firefly119. Ahri amp; Soraka
    - League of Legends120. Joanna Mari as Felicia Hardy/Black Cat -
    Marvel121. ?122. Zelda - Legend of Zelda123. Pikachu and Charizard -
    Pokemon124. Elektra - Marvel125. Crocheted Link - Legend of
    Zelda126. Elio - Assassins Creed127. ?128. Black Queen amp; White
    Queen - X-Men, Marvel129. Iron Man - Marvel130. Harley Quinn -
    DC131. Poison Ivy - DC132. Maleficent - Disney133. Michelle Perl as
    Nova - Starcraft134. Jayce amp; Vi - League of Legends135. Loki -
    Marvel136. Harley Quinn - DC137. M. Bison - Streetfighter138. Harley
    Quinn - DC139. Catwoman amp; Silk Spectre - DC140. Starfire - Teen
    Titans, DC141. ?142. Wonder Woman - DC143. Bowser - Mario Bros.144.
    Gamora - Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel145. Wonder Woman - DC146.
    Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Captain America - Marvel147. Gozer the
    Gozerian - Ghostbusters
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